Sunday, April 22, 2007

What's New in Streps!!!

Dale Martens wanted to see if the crucifix shape in the new species Streptocarpus JT-04 14 R (seed donated by Jaco Truter in South Africa) would be dominant when used as a parent. She crossed JT-04 14R with Strep Texas Komachi. The seedlings from that cross were almost identical in coloration. There was a very, very slight horizontal widening on the vertical bar in the throat, showing the characteristic came through incompletely. Another seedling blooming two weeks later had a little more pronounced horizontal widening.

First photo shows the seedling's flower: St TxKomachiXJT0414R1871

JTcrucifix5047s.jpg is the new species. Tell people to look closely deep in the throat to see the horizontal bar cross the vertical bar.

Third photo shows the seedling's flower split open to show barely a horizontal widening about the same area that would have a bar on JT-04 14R

Texas Komachi which was used as one of the parent plants. Thanks to Dale for sending us these photos of the newest cross (in streps that have a "cross" shape in them!) The new species streps that are coming into individual's collections will make some very interesting new hybrids with better traits and new colors. We can expect in the (hopefully) near future to also have some actually small growing streps too. Work is being down with some of the mini size species currently.