Monday, November 10, 2014

Bubble Gum Charm

Bubble Gum Charm Large, single, creamy light pink stars, shimmer and boast darker pink edges, that are also outlined with darker pink flecks. Flowers stand proudly above the large growing, medium green, tailored foliage.

I  am a big fan of this particular violet. It's got the greatest color combination and it lays very flat.

Also notice, the petals are fused until just near the outer edge of the flower, making a saucer shape. Not all violets are like that.

Even the flowers have the "hair" on them?

This is a fading blossom but pretty anyway. The flowers last a long time and are nicely large.

It puts on a good show!
 I can't help but love that you can see some of the pollen on the exterior of the anthers. Also you can see some of the "shimmer" or sparkle of the flower. 

I know you want one! Lyndon Lyons is one of the vendors that carries this variety.