Saturday, December 20, 2008

Guest Hybridizer!!!!!

This cross was made last winter and seed was sown in late May. The first seedlings started blooming in October. The seed was ready earlier, but I had to wait until my annuals, perennials, and vegetable transplants were outside before I had the time and shelf space. Anyways, it is a cross between Bristol's Party Boy and Inky Frills, two of my favorites. Many of the seedlings are similar to each other, some look almost identical to Inky Frills which seems a little unusual since it was the pollen parent. Several have yellow throats. Not all of the seedlings from this cross have bloomed. So far one seedling is showing fantasy. According to Dale Marten's Hybridizing Notes, fantasy seedlings are very difficult to get. Once the fantasy seedling gets a little bigger, I plan on selfing it to see if the fantasy improves any. I don't think there is anything too unusual about the seedlings so I am not planning on naming any, but I will keep a few of my favorites.

Photo "B-Strep cross BPBxIF Grouping" shows a grouping of some of the seedlings from this cross and all of the blooms in this photo are from different plants.

Shown in photos "D-Strep cross BPBxIF Seedling", Z1 and Z2, is probably my favorite so far. In person it is very brightly colored with a white throat and dark lines.

M. Wheeler

**I would like to welcome and thank M. Wheeler for sharing these photos and crosses with this blog!!!! How exciting to see what different traits and characteristics are passed along to the offspring.

*** NOTE click on the photo to make it full size for a closer view.