Monday, July 21, 2008

Summer Streps

This is where the streptocarpus plants are living outside for the summer. Most are putting out a few blooms although I am not so sure that there is really enough bright light to get them to bloom well.

Direct sun seems to burn mine, but this works to get them growing and filling out. There aren't many insect problems this way either. I will however, spray them with the Imidacloprid before they come inside for the winter.

July in the Garden

Stuff has really grown. The tomatoes are showing just a little pink. The kale you see in the front of the bed is more than knee high.

The lettuce is about done for the spring crop, but the zinnias are at their best and the chard is wild. Now if the bunnies would leave the beans alone, things would be great.

The gesneriad are also doing well this summer. The streps are enjoying their time outside under the trees but, the chipmunks dug up all three of the gloxinia bulbs and made them disappear. The two sinningias were also dumped out of their pots and flung to the ground. The interesting thing is that the streps and the orchids are all being left entirely alone.