Thursday, February 21, 2008

Signs of the Moon

If the national publication can talk about moon signs, then we can get in on the action and show you something really cool about the moon too.....

Awfully pretty, eh?

The Polls

The polls are in! With an average of 10 people voicing their opinions, we have the latest on what's hot! The first question was ,"What is your favorite plant in the gesneriad family?" African violets, Streptocarpus and Eucodonias tied with 3 votes each. Sinningias came in second with 2 votes and Episcias, Kohlerias and 'a mix of them all' got one vote each cast for them.

The favorite colors and patterns are, with three votes each, Edged and Fantasy blooms. Coming in second were the Thumb Print blooms and with one vote each, Solid Color, Two Toned and Chimera blossoms!

With more people voting we will improve the "margin of error" and perhaps the wire services will then be coming to us for help with their future queries....... Umm, vote in the polls!