Tuesday, December 30, 2014

Day Brighteners

These ought to brighten up a cold morning!

Janice O, sent these photos of some stunningly lovely variegated plants.

Both of these are "oldies but goodies" as the saying goes. Ness' Candy pink was hybridized by Minnesota hybridizer Don Ness in 1995.
This lovely plant by Delores Harrington, also from Minnesota,  was hybridized in 1998.

The variegation on each is striking and the flowers are really complementary with the leaf color.

I should mention that Janice grew these for a fall show. It's sometimes hard to get good looking variegated plants over a hot summer and keep the variegation as nice and evenly colored. In warm weather, variegated African violets may start growing new leaves that are less variegated or even totally green.  Not all variegation is affected by temperature but most seems to be. Once a leaf starts to grow, it will keep the patterning that is on that particular leaf throughout it's little leafy-life. A particular single leaf does not change its appearance. The plant produces leaves and grows (hopefully) continuously and the look and color is reflected in the plant as a whole. So, variegated varieties of plants that grow in cooler circumstances tend to have coloration that displays the variegation more than ones that are grown in warmer circumstances.