Monday, June 11, 2007

We're Not There Yet.

Here are two colors that haven't happened in the world of violets yet. Why don't we have either turquoise or orange for our African violets? There are finally flowers with yellow coloration and although they tend to be somewhat mellow in hue, why when crossed with a red ... have we gotten no orange?

We've also seen blue flowers and green flowers, but we haven't hit a true turquoise color on a whole flower.

I checked this out with Dr. Jeff Smith and he agrees that we haven't quite gotten to those two particular colors yet. He says: "I’ve seen orange in African violet flowers as streaks. The trick will be getting it over the whole flower. That we haven’t managed to do just yet. I’ve not seen a shade that I would have called turquoise. Would that be a light blue over green combination? We can get blue flowers with green edges, but I don’t know if we can get green over the entire flower. It’s a similar problem to that of orange flowers."

Wouldn't it be fun to be the first to come up with a totally original color for our violets?