Sunday, April 22, 2012

Lyon's 'Lavender Magic'

 Saw this the other day and I was chuckling. I've heard over and over you don't want the parent leaf to use all of its energy growing, you want it to use the time to make roots and babies.
 This leaf started out as a normal size leaf less than three inches across. It's petiole was also a normal size roughly 1/8 inch is diameter. It got stuck into a solo cup and tucked into the back of a prop box.
It came out of the prop box because it was overtaking it's neighbors!!!! I think it was trying to eat them or something.

It's over 7 inches across the leaf and the petiole is over a half inch in diameter. Wow. Now we'll see if it starts to put up some babies. Maybe they will be mutant extra large or something!