Saturday, December 06, 2014

More Bloom Stem Fun, or Genetic Accident in a "Never Floris"

 The previous post was about propagating more plants using a bloom stem.

This plant's version of trying it out is unique to me, but I found a plant that did the job for itself.

This is a very quirky African violet named 'Never Floris'. It never blooms, the buds form and stay that way permanently.
 The first picture shows one of these stems which are quite long. The tweezers is pointing it out for you. The buds apparently didn't form but it made it's own "baby" on the top of the bloom stem.

I've pulled one off to show you how large this thing really is. It's a fully formed small plant with an incredibly long stem.

Very weird.
This shot from above shows that the main plant has 6 or more of these little plants forming the crown of the plant. The true "crown" of newly growing leaves was overcome or shaded out and is now dead. This is what is left.