Friday, November 19, 2010

November Meeting Minutes!

President Gail P. called the meeting to order 9:03 PM. at Paul's home. Fourteen members were present. The Secretaries report was distributed. No vote was taken on it.
The Treasurers report was read. No vote was taken. The report from September had a minor correction showing interest income from a CD. The results of the show are not known since all the bills are not paid. The club purchased 135 plants from Lyons, sold 108 including 15 to members leaving 27 plants unsold.

The show at Bachmans' had poor public traffic, partly due to Hwy. 62 closed for the weekend. We could use some posters in the store but the cost of $40 for one is to be decided whether we need to makes some. More publicity is needed.

J.S. is going to contact Bachmans' to make a reservation for a show next year in early October 2011.

Gail received a request from the national convention to be held next year in Philadelphia for a contribution for the "goodie bag". Terry L. made a motion of $25 contribution and the club voted to approve it.

The slate of officers was presented. Next meeting the club will vote.

President: Gail P
VP: Brenda

Secretary: Carol S

Treasurer: Mary E

Membership: Jim G

Publicity: Steve G

Directors: Paul H., Sandy M., J. S.

There were suggestions by the membership for future meetings: They included DVDs on growing trailers by Bill Price, Species to Spectacular by Pat Hancock, speaker Dennis Miller about streps or Sharon J., hybridizing by Barb, etc. J. S. also told how successful the Skype meeting was with Dale Martens and it is would be a way of getting speakers from around the world without much cost other than giving a nominal speaker fee.

The time for the next meeting has been changed to noon, January 8th at Davanni's. A notice will be sent to members before the meeting. The February meeting will be either at Jims G. or Gail P. Again, notices will be sent out. J. S. provided some delicious treats.

The meeting was adjourned at 9:34 PM


Sharon J

Mark Armstead from Linders Garden Center gave a very informative talk about the needs of houseplants in the winter. Members seemed very fascinated with the new LED lights that are coming in the future. I think everyone learned a great deal.