Sunday, December 21, 2008

An awesome way to display plants

Here's a wonderful way to display some of the lovely gesneriads that you grow. Try something a little different to really make a statement. Look around at shops and antique stores for interesting plant accessories to really "show off" your collection. Our guest contributor found this treasure at .... well, you'll see....

My mother used to grow African violets in the window on glass shelves. My brother gave her a wrought iron plant stand. She was extremely happy with it and it stood filled with violets. The year was 1954.

She moved to a smaller home that had shelves right along the window so she put her plants on the shelves and moved the stand to the garage. It has been there for well over 20 years. I had looked at it several times wondering if I should bring it to my home but I wasn't ready to do it. A friend was visiting and spotted it and insisted that I bring it back. She said that if I didn't want it she would pay me a mega amount of money to buy it. (Or possibly run off with it some dark night.)

It was rusted, especially in the holders, and it had lots of dust and I think even mold on the legs. I used wire brushes and then used a rust remover and conditioner and then spray painted it with Rustoleum. It turned out lovely.

I was a little apprehensive putting it in my living room, but I did and filled it with violets, streps, and even a trailer. I enjoy looking at it as it sits proudly in my house. What wonderful memories I have of her violets and the stand.