Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Art to A-Maze

The Minnesota Landscape Arboretum is one of the BEST ways to enjoy a summer day for plant lovers - and also for those who haven't discovered that they are plant lovers yet. (After seeing the Arboretum they will be!)

This year's special feature is an art installation called Art to A-Maze! The Arboretum says, "Explore the relationship between people and the natural world on the Art to A-Maze Walk, featuring a juried collection of 15 installations of environmental art and sculpture. The art walk leads visitors from the Oswald Visitor Center to the new permanent Maze Garden."

This is the permanent knot garden viewed from above in the herb display.

The mazes were just one of the wonderful parts about spending the day there. Besides seeing all the brilliant flowers, there is something to learn in each display. The collections show you all the various choices if you are thinking about choosing some plant materials for your own yard.

The annual displays highlight the newest, the most vigorous and the unusual while the tram tour gives you a great chance to preview all the places that you'll want to visit on your own so that you can spend some time really seeing all that there is to see.

The hosta collection/glade has over 300 different hostas spread out under the canopy of mature maples, all labeled for the viewer.

The formal hybrid rose gardens have hundreds of roses... tree roses, miniatures, floribunda and more.

The gold fish must have had an excellent year so far if the number of tiny fish is an indication. It's Koi heaven.

And sometimes you just need a little whimsy to make the journey complete. It might be a warthog, but then again....