Monday, January 29, 2007

A Fairy "Tail"

Once upon a time, there lived a tiny cat. Like most tiny cats , he had a rich life of eating candied mice and sleeping on cushions of the finest silk. But one day, our tiny cat decided that he was not as well known and as famous as he should be! After all, wasn't it HE that was king of all he surveyed? Wasn't it HE that controlled everything that went on in his tiny kingdom?

He started to think to himself that perhaps a quest was in order! He would conquer the famous beast that lived in the Violet Gardens of Tranquility, which were at the north end of his kingdom. He would rid, once and for all, the gardens of the monster that was fabled to live there. This feat should surely win him the attention of the people (and their love and gratitude too!) There might even be gifts of candied rats and small balls of mylar lavished on him from the amazed and grateful citizens.

So after preparing himself in mind and body... a quick snack of some kibbles... he went to the gardens to search.

He looked high, and he looked low. He even looked in the small little places that sometimes hid just the thing that you are looking for.

Suddenly, he came upon a great beast of such ferocity that he immediately steeled himself and took to battle it.

It was large and white, long and ferocious.... it fought him with all it's long tentacles! He rolled and kicked and fought with it. It just seemed to keep coming at him. He was afraid!

Hour after hour he fought the beast and eventually when the battle was over, he sat still in the silence that followed, just looking at all that remained of his once fearsome foe. He had won!!! Huzzah! Now, there would be a celebration!

Back to the kingdom the tiny cat went for a proper meal of some "tasty greens" and some rest sleeping under the warm, soothing rays of light waiting for his people to "congratulate" him on his day's efforts!

I guess it just goes to show you that the old adage really IS right; "One man's work IS another cat's folly!"


ytzhang0210 said...
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NSAVC said...

Our first spam comment! I deleted it. We've made the "big time" now!

Barb W said...

It looks as if this little one had some fun. Plus I must admit that the plant room looks much cleaner and more organized than mine. The only pet in my plant room is "Guy" our little garter snake and he/she is well confined.