Wednesday, January 24, 2007

How to Make a Terrarium


NSAVC said...

To answer a question sent into the blog's gmail address, ...The green material lining the bottom of the bowl is called "reindeer moss". It can be found where other types of moss basket-liners and fillers are sold... sometimes. Please ask questions and leave comments!

Barb W said...

How far in advance do you plant your garden for a show? Do you try to keep it going between shows? The plastic center saucer would obviously eliminate my problem with it getting slimed up in a few days. I tried a container garden once and said never again, but this might change my mind.

NSAVC said...

For an actual show I would probably not put the terrarium together more than a couple of weeks before the date needed. The plants -at two weeks prior- have a little time to "fluff" out and orient themselves, but they don't have too much time to out-grow their position in the bowl.

The flexible saucer in the bottom keeps the decorative lining material fresh and "fluffy". And it makes changing plants a little easier. You won't accidentally dig through the decorative moss cover and then have to try to replace what got moved and match it up again. The decorative moss also doesn't deteriorate as quickly and looks like "new" for longer.

I can't keep a bowl going for more than about a half year without some serious touching-up, but if you worked with it consistently and chose the right plants for the light situation you had, it might work long term.

Thank you for the questions? Any others are very welcome.