Monday, May 21, 2007

Perry's Done Blooming

Perry's flowering is all but done! They cut a window into Perry to show what the flowers and pollen looked like... the first blown-up photo has the male parts of the flower on top, and the female parts lower down. The smaller photo shows the edge of the cut-out. The cut out portion of the spathe was quite thick and described like this: "So: the base of Perry’s spathe consists, in a conceptual manner, of an outer thin layer of tough celery, followed by a thick inner layer of slightly pliable styrofoam, and lined with a thin, hard, stiff waxy layer."

Now Perry has started to wither and collapse. The flowering is done, but then it is expected that the largest leaf (when fully grown) to be found in Minnesota will emerge. The college is planning to keep at least one web cam on Perry to watch the leaf emerge. This is cool stuff!!!

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