Friday, February 01, 2008

Easy Growers!

Here's something to try when you want interesting plants with plenty of flowers. The gesneriad list frequently has members give knowledgeable replies to inquiries, one of which asked which Sinningias were good for growing in average home conditions. I copied the reply so that I can share it in the blog:

Sinningias are a good choice for a beginner with warm conditions. Mini
Sinningia hybrids are good for growing under lights, since they can
thrive and bloom with less intense light. Most will flower when they're young
plants. The micro mini species, such as Sinningia pusilla, S. pusilla
'White Sprite', and S. sp. "Rio das Pedras" should be grown in a terrarium
under lights to maintain the higher humidity levels they need.

Many of the larger species Sinningias will be happy growing on a warm
sunny windowsill or under fluorescent lights. I would recommend S. cardinalis,
S. iarae, S. eumorpha varieties, S. lineata, or S. leucotricha as easy long
lived plants for a beginner. These species may not flower as immature
seedlings, but will produce blooms easily after a couple of growth cycles or
when they have developed a good tuber.

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