Monday, March 10, 2008

A Companion Plant...

Here's something that I haven't tried growing under fluorescent lights before. Although this isn't a gesneriad, what a colorful, fun plant to try growing beside the violets! Here's the story by guest blogger Sharon.

I have always limited the plants growing under lights to African violets and gesneriads simply because I like them and don't want to waste the space on ordinary plants. On Valentines Day I bought a miniature rose plant. Cute little thing I must say. It sat on my kitchen table but many of the buds didn't open and it started to look pathetic.

After examining the roots, which were very hearty, I transplanted it into a slightly larger pot with a light soil mix of sphagnum peat moss, perlite and vermiculite. Then I placed it under my grow lights. It has been less than one month and I have new growth and it now looks very healthy. I am hopping it will bloom.

The one thing that has surprised me is the need for water. It does not like to be even slightly dry. If it does dry out a bit the leaves turn yellow and drop off the plant.

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