Thursday, December 04, 2008

Some Results???

Here is the original plant that had perhaps the best of the flowers. There are six petals which is the interesting part of this strep.

But..... but it produced photo #2. A peloric flower with five very even petals with markings evenly spaced throughout the flower. I pollinated this particular flower.

The first baby that grew out of the cross was five petaled, but marked more like the original plant.

The second baby is also five petaled, but lighter in the throat. It's also a bit more fringed. So, we seem to be getting the five petal trait coming through. Is the six petal original more desirable, because it is the most different look considering most strep flowers? Is the perfectly even markings and five petals from the "peloric" flower the cool part? Although the babies aren't new and different, they are VERY interesting to see what is coming through with the self pollination! Comments???

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