Thursday, January 28, 2010

What's In My Toolbox?

Funny you should ask, or maybe it is not funny. Having grown violets for many years I now have quite a few things that seem to work well for me.  When I first started growing and showing violets I used a #2 pencil and frankly that does work nicely removing blossoms that are just starting to form.

Then I discovered the sucker plucker.  It can be purchased through many of the AVSA commercial businesses.  As you can see it has a scooped pointed end and a sharp end. I use the scooped end to remove suckers and blossoms and the sharp end to dig out suckers, cut leaves, trimming and a variety of things that need to be removed.  The sharp end can easily cut a hole in a leaf so I am very careful using it.

My grooming tools took quite awhile to find them.  They are brushes I found in stores and make-up cabinet.  Q-tips are really great grooming minis and semiminis because they will remove dust but not leave any residue. I always take the brushes and small scissors to groom the plants before the show begins. 

At the far right of the picture is a knife that Jung Seed Company sent me.  It has a nice thing blade and not too big. I also found one at a Coast to Coast store.  I use it to trim the roots off a plant. Scrapbooking companies sell serrated scissors that I use to trim strep leaves.  It leaves a leaf with a similar design that is natural looking.

And last, but not least, are electrical tape and a permanent maker that I use to label plants.  The tape does NOT leave any residue on the pot.   I always use permanent markers because any other pens will fade with time being exposed to water. Thanks Sharon J. for the scoop!

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