Sunday, March 07, 2010

Voodoo is BACK!

Ahhhh, think spring again! What could be more charming and full of the seasonal spirit than a voodoo lily? The bloom is bigger than any you can get at the florist and the fragrance is.... well, quite indescribable! (And that is putting it "mildly".)

We're just a wee stem here....

Now we are growing up towards the top of the table.

And here we are starting to see the first signs of the flower opening up a little.

These two corms broke dormancy in the dark in the basement, but most of the rest are still dormant when they go out into the vegetable garden in May. These two just decided to be fancy and start early!

This is the same corm that grew a bloom stem over six feet in height last year. I do not know why the bloom is going to be smaller in size this year. Comment on how much you would like one of your very own voodoo lilies!

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