Friday, September 17, 2010

NSAVC Minutes 09 15 10

President Gail P. called the meeting to order 7:10 PM. at her home. Fourteen members were present. The Secretaries and Treasurers report were read and approved.

Fall show discussion: Set up is Friday Oct. 1 at noon.

Email entries to Mary E. by Sept. 27,

Exhibits must be entered before 3 PM. Judging begins at 4PM

Need help with sales. A paper was passed around for signing up to volunteer.

Board meeting is Sunday Oct. 3 at 1 PM.

Members may donate money or gifts towards special awards if they would like to.

A new schedule of awards was distributed and voted and approved by the membership.

Members are asked to donate leaves to sell.

Grocery bags are need for the sales.

Hopefully Jim can bring boxes for sales.

Other items of interest: The treasurer has not received the insurance bill for the club. She will check with Jim if he knows anything about it.

The audit still has not been completed. The committee needs to schedule a time to do it.

A new sheet was distributed asking for hosts/hostesses and treats for upcoming meetings.

Any unsold sale plants can be sold to members at the end of the show at the cost to the club. Roughly the cost is $4.75 for standards, and $12.00 for chimeras. Any plants unsold will be donated to Bachman employees.

Mary K. F. volunteered to make new nametags.

I am not sure if the meeting was actually adjourned. It seemed to slide into Gail and Carol grooming plants.

Carol brought some very delicious treats.


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