Sunday, January 16, 2011

Chimera Violet Seeds

 Well..... this is what a year and a few months of experimentation are starting to look like.

Last year seeds were set on a green chimera violet. Do chimeras pass that trait down in seeds? Can you get a chimera from seed?

I guess we'll see.
 This is my first bud on my first baby to produce a plant from seed.

Violets need to leave the pod ON the plant to ripen for approximately six months. Then it takes a while after sowing to get the plantlets, and of course waiting enough months for a first bloom takes patience.

Other gesneriads do not take quite so long from pollination to plant, but African violets do.
This is the bud on it's very, very first day trying to open. It's not a large bloom, and I'm not sure if it will have any sort of striping on the flower, but it is green and shows a lively amount of fuzziness.

More photos when it and it's companions open up a little and we can see what sort of blooms might actually be represented. It does look like it has pollen though......

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