Tuesday, December 05, 2006

Books, books and more books

This lovely design done by Barb W. started an interesting search for books. I'd happened upon a title called Floral Design Concepts with African Violets and Other Gesneriads by Ruth J. McCoy copyright 1985. I wondered if I could find this book that was probably out of print. After a lucky bit of looking, I found the usual sites available to purchase used books and I found a site by Nancy Robitaille that lists a lovely variety of African Violet related books, some of which I didn't know about. http://www.africanvioletfun.com/bookpoll/index.html (Please click on the highlighted title of this post Books, books and more books to automatically get this link.)

Nancy's site asks viewers to select the books that they've read and give them a rating. There will be a Gesneriad book poll as well. You might enjoy this site if you are interested in books related to growing, showing and designing with AV's.

What design books have you thought useful or valuable for designing? Let us know. (Thanks to Sandy O. for the great photo.)

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Barb W said...

Interesting that you should mention this particular book. I have copy autographed by Ruth McCoy. (It's to my sister; but, oh well.) Another book I have that is very good is The Art of Flower Arranging by Jan Hall/Sarah Waterkeyn. As the title suggests, it is all flowers. However, the ideas and concepts are great and it has a significant section on dried flower design.