Thursday, December 07, 2006

Wind Chills

As I was just waking up to the radio this morning I heard that there was an -18 below zero F. wind chill this morning. We were supposed to bundle up for work and keep the kids warm at the bus stops too. I was thinking back to when the weather was a little more favorable and I thought maybe a pretty picture of one of the winning violets from the National Show that was held here in Bloomington, Mn would be a good way to bring a little "sunshine" into an otherwise chilly winter day.

I don't know which entry this was, but if anyone would like to let me know I would be happy to give this grower some well deserved credit for such a lovely entry.

The questions for the day are: What are your show plants looking like today, right now? Are they disbudded? Are you keeping them actively growing and fertilizing heavily to increase size, are they on a break? I would appreciate a photo or two of someone's prospective show plant for next spring show as it appears today. Send me an email and I'll put it up as soon as I get it. Think warm thoughts today!


Barb W said...

BTW, this made me think about yesterday when we bought a poinsettia. Just as we were about to walk out the the store (it was a breezy 7 degrees) Chuck thought to have me get some tape from a clerk to seal the plastic over the top of the plant. A long walk across the parking lot can really do in your plant on a cold day.

Joan B. said...

Lucky you Barb! I bought 2 huge beautiful poinsettias in Grand Forks on Friday and when I got them home, I put on my glasses and saw foliar mealies! I sprayed with alcohol water, but they are going into the trash after Christmas. All my violets should be safe down in the basement. BTW it was 35F & sunny that day.

Joan B. said...

This plant is Alliance, and I believe it was Best in Show (maybe by Catherine Thompson?)

NSAVC said...

Thank you for the name of the plant! I certainly enjoyed all of the Thompson entries, both Catherine's and Dave's too.