Monday, February 26, 2007

Another Fairy "Tail"

Once upon a time, there was a tiny cat that was getting "cabin fever". He was, of course, the master of all he surveyed. He had conquered the fierce beasts that tried to invade his kingdom, he had made his people proud. But now, well... he was bored.

He went to his computer (because he was a techno-savvy cat) and he thought he'd instant message a few of his friends. One was out of town on a trip and another was doing taxes. A couple of his friends were even at Disney World (because they heard about the "mice" that lived there.) So just as he was about to give up on finding a diversion he saw that he had an email.

The tiny cat was excited because his email was from his friend and mentor from the next kingdom over. It was from Miss Tilly. She said that she had urgent business to attend to far away from her kingdom and she wondered if there was anyone that was strong and brave and fearless to come to her kingdom and watch over it while she was gone.

Well.... strong, brave and fearless??? The tiny cat knew exactly who that sounded like and he said that he would journey right over. He came to the massive gates and entered the tidy kingdom. When Miss Tilly greeted him at the castle she said that all he had to do was simply sit. (Miss Tilly really didn't like anything to "move her cheese" and she valued order above most everything else.) She knew the tiny cat had problems with curiosity, but after they talked he had solemnly agreed to simply sit at the castle and take a nap. Just his presence was enough to keep the order which Miss Tilly so valued.

Everything was going along well until the tiny cat heard a noise. He knew he wasn't supposed to do anything about it, but curiosity got the best of him. He went to the gardens and walked amongst (and on) the plants there.

He saw something hanging down from the ceiling that looked like giant striped spiders and he got worried that they were about to sneak up on someone in the kingdom. He taught it a good lesson and it was never to rise off the floor again.

He heard a mechanical whir and the tiny cat went to the computers and stuck stuff down into the whirring machine to silence it! It was finally quiet.

He then saw a menacing foe on the ground and flung himself onto it. He kicked and bit and finally it was still..... he chewed on it's whiteness for a while till he fell asleep. "Whew," said the tiny cat. "That was a close call".

When Miss Tilly came back she gazed about her now less than tidy kingdom. She just sighed. Finding the gardens stepped on, the floors an unrecognizable jumble and the computers jammed she knew that the old saying was only too true.... When the mice are away, the cat WILL play!

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