Thursday, February 22, 2007

Share Your Favorite Tips

How do you control your "wilder" growing plants? What do you do to keep everything growing evenly and your violets symmetric? Let's hear from folks about what you do to make the plants you grow look their best!

My favorite recycle-tip is using chopsticks to stake up stems. They come in just about the perfect size for those things that grow under lights, things like kohleria and sinningias. The wood's been made smooth and you don't get splinters or the artificial color rubbing off on your hands like you can have happen with the colored green bamboo pieces. The sticks are tapered for easy insertion in the soil with little root disruption and they are fairly strong and won't bend over like a soda straw.

(There is an entry about how to enter comments just below the Imidacloprid post if you need some advice about how to make a comment.) Send us some of your helpful tips regarding how to control those unruly stems and wild stalks, how you get the leaves of your violet to lay flat and overlap.... and how you make your plants show worthy!


Laura E. said...

I like the tip about using a little colored sticker or piece of tape on the side of the pot. The marked pot lets you see how much you've turned your plant so that it gets even light. This is especially useful when growing in the window, but it's nice to turn the plants even on a light stand so that they grow out evenly.

Anonymous said...

I found a product that works well for me. Instead of "twist-ties" from bread wrappers I use something that I found at my local garden center. It's a length of velcro-like material that you cut off of a roll. You cut the size piece you want and wrap it around the stem or bloom that you're trying to support. It's about a quarter inch wide, nice green, and velcro. It wraps around and clings to itself. You make it as loose or as snug as you need. It won't cut into a stem like a twist-tie and it is reusable many times. The stuff is great for roses outside, but it work nicely for indoor plants too.