Sunday, February 18, 2007

How to Post a Comment


Many of us would like to post comments but are not sure what to do. Here are hopefully some easy to follow instructions.

At the bottom of each article you will see wording to that indicated here. Click on the “2 comments” and it will take you to a “Leave your comment” box.

2 comments . Links to this post

  • Type you comment. It can be as long as you want.

  • Choose “other” or “anonymous” . If other - type your name (i.e. Barb W). Do not type anything in the “your web page” box. Leave it blank.

  • Read over your comment or preview.

  • Click on “Publish Your Comment” and your done.
Thanks to Barb W. for making this clear!!!


Jackie M said...

Hey, I'm trying it. Let's see if it works. Thanks! I never knew what to fill in and didn't want to screw it up.

NSAVC said...

Thanks for trying out the comment feature! It's a great way to get questions answered quickly or to add to the ideas in the original article. Please leave thoughts, comments, ideas, tips, compliments to the article's authors... all are welcome!

Mary K-F said...

Thanks for helping us out with this Barb. Hope to see a lot of posts and will work towards submitting lots of posts as well now that we know how this works!