Friday, May 04, 2007

Fun and Games!

Six of these flowers have something in common. Two of them don't. What genus are the six similar ones in?

Which two pictures aren't in the same genus as the others? What genus are they in?


Sandy O said...

I think the six related flowers are the genus Sinningia. The large white one on the right (4) is a Streptocarpus and the small pink one on the left in the bottom (7) looks like a Eucodonia. Of course the pink/purple one (3) looks like an achimines also.It's hard to tell. If I am wrong, I have a couple of other guesses.

NSAVC said...

Well, you get the first place prize for the Sinningia answer. The 6 that are related are indeed Sinningia! Number (7) is NOT a Eucodonia though, and number (3) isn't NOT an achiminies. Keep on guessing!!!

Thanks for the comments.... everyone else, please comment and for an even harder puzzle, what are the 6 Sinningia varieties???

For the streptocarpus lovers, what strep IS number (4)???

Sandy O said...

I guess I must keep on trying! # 1 is S. California Gold. # 8 is S. Glory Be.
#6 is K. Strawberry Fields or else a Smithiantha. Is # 5 a florist gloxinia? If not, it is a Peridots something or other. I'll keep working on the others.

NSAVC said...

You are an unbelievable wizard with your sinningias! #1 is Calif. Gold. #8 is indeed Glory Be.

#6 is a Kohleria Strawberry Fields and #5 is an unnamed florist's gloxinia! Numbers 2 and 7 have variety names also, three is unnamed... but, what are they?

And what strep is hiding here in spot #4?

Sandy O said...

I'm still working on the Sinningias. Is # 2 S. Laura and # 7 S. Amazide?
I don't know my streps so I can't even guess.