Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Meet Perry!!!

Ok, this is too good to be true for the real plant lover. Check this out from Gustavus College! Meet Perry!
This is in real-time and over 9 feet tall already.... there is more to go! (Or, should I say "grow"??)

Note the guy standing there is a regular size gentleman. This is one "good sized" plant! The blooms of it smell like road kill and attract all sorts of interesting pollinators. The plants come from Sumatra and are considered endangered.

Let's have some comments and participation with the blog! It's only fun if everyone joins in the action!!! Do you have any plant related materials to give us a link to? It doesn't have to be strictly about gesneriads.... some of these things are just more fun than can be contained in an ordinary posting! Plants that knock out the glass of your green house roof are meant to be shared!

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