Saturday, May 12, 2007

OH BOY!! Perry is Opening!!!

Perry is opening up today!!!! Yay! You have to admit that is one good looking plant! The fine folks on the website say:

"It has been stated by an alarmingly large number of people that parts of Perry’s spathe look like lettuce. We have therefore decided to prohibit visitors from bringing bread, mayonnaise, or salad spinners into the Perry Room. Rabbits are also Lepus non grata."

Check out Perry and his live feed at the Gustavus site. Did you know that Perry is 14 years old this year? It's worth the time to see one of the world's most unusual plants. Scroll down for Perry and the two others that are also opening almost simultaneously.


Sandy O said...

Thank you for posting this. I have been watching the live feed. Too bad we can't get the smell!!!

NSAVC said...

I have one of the smaller "cousin" varieties. One day I went down the stairs to find a horrible stench that I thought smelled like very sweaty tennis shoes that got wet and were not allowed to dry properly (and also went moldy.) I searched the floors in a couple of rooms so that I could either put the shoes outside or wash them, only to find that the little "flower" was the culprit! I put it outdoors immediately and by that afternoon I was watching what was attracted to it. There were the most interesting flies that kept coming over to it. I hadn't recalled seeing flies like that on any other plants around the yard. It's definitely interesting!!!