Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Perry's brother Ted

The University of California Davis' College of Biological Sciences has another "corpse flower" in bloom right now! Meet Ted. Ted is at the peak of bloom now. The link to see Ted and learn more about these flowers is also on the link in the past post that comes from Gustavus. Simply scroll down from the photo of Perry (it's the second selection down) and you'll get more information and links to other rare flowers like Ted.

Perry the Titan flower at Gustavus.


Sandy O said...

I am so glad you have posted these pictures! It sure would be fun to go and see it (and even smell it) It's a good thing it's too big for my greenhouse!

J. said...

I have some smaller voo doo varities that you could have though.... they are pretty cool. And even the little ones smell like really gross tennis shoes that got left out wet!!!! Let me know! Oh, the smelly part only lasts a day or two and you can put a bag over it to reduce the "fun" part.