Thursday, May 10, 2007

Perry's Taller

Perry is even taller! Did you know that the plant heats up its internal temperature? Why, you ask??? The web site nicely explains what's going on.
In the dense jungles of Sumatra a small inflorescence that relies on aroma to attract pollinators would have a difficult time spreading that aroma and attracting pollinators. The bigger the inflorescence the more successful it will be in spreading the aroma and thereby attracting pollinators. A brilliant strategy for a stationary plant! Even better is that the plant actually uses energy reserves to warm itself up to temperatures comparable to human body temperature. The warmth allows the compounds in the odor to volatilize more easily. So in other words, the warmer the titan arum gets, the stinkier it gets. (Think about the aroma of fresh baked bread. It is especially fragrant when it is hot out of the oven.)

It can get to be 100 degrees F. Now that's a "cool" plant! Keep watching Perry as he unfolds.... Perry's web cam!

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