Monday, May 28, 2007

AVSA National Show

Here's a sneak peak at the winners of the show at the AVSA's national convention in Denver this past week. The gesneriphile list had a posting by Irina N. that included this photo. The winning entry that is featured in the middle of the shot is a hybrid, Rebel's Rose Bud, by our very own Ruth Bann!!!

Irina labels the entries: From left to right Best Semiminiature - Ness'Cranbery Swirl - Beverly Williams, Mississauga, ON Best Miniature - Jolly Orchid - Ann Nicholas, Denton, TX 2nd Best AV in show, Best Species - Saintpaulia grandifolia #299 - Bill Price 2nd Best Trailer - Lady Trail - Bill Price Best African Violet in Show, Best Standard, Best Variegated violet - Rebel's Rose Bud - Richard Nicholas under it - Streptocarpus Cape Beauties - I remember it as a best streps, but do not see it on the list) - Nelly Levine, Arvada, CO 3rd Best AV in SHOW - Mary Craig - Richard Nicholas, Denton, TX Best Trailer - Foxwood Trail - Bill Price Best Other Gesneriad - Pearcea sp. 'Equador' - Bill Price

Congratulations to all the folks who entered and attended the show. I hope we'll have more photos to post when everyone gets home from the trip!

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