Wednesday, May 30, 2007

Me? Organize? You Have Got to be Kidding!

For those of you who have taken your life in your hands and walked through my “sewing, craft, plant, stuff” room, know what a mess it is. Surprisingly, I have a pretty good idea where everything is. However, as cluttered as the room may look, the closet is worse. That is where I kept all my design materials.

I absolutely love doing design, but it had started becoming more like a chore. Much of my design materials was kept in a two-drawer organizer which really wasn’t. Each drawer is 18” long x 14” wide x 8” deep. Plus there was also a box with material, one for dried weedy things, one for baskets, moss, containers of dried materials, etc. Doing design meant pulling the drawers out and rummaging through them. By the time I was done, half the family room had stuff scattered around. Dragging it all out and then trying to put it away would have me saying “*!!?#*#?/” to design.

We went shopping! The result was an organizer with more, but much smaller drawers and it is on wheels. The drawers are 14” long x 11” wide. Four drawers are 3” deep and three are 7” deep. It is perfect! Now my design organizer IS. One drawer has shiny sparkle stuff, one has small containers of all sorts, one has fastening materials, etc. The deeper drawers are divided up with small boxes. The whole experience was kind of like a treasure hunt. I found items that were completely forgotten. So much ended up on the bottom of those big deep drawers. The old two-drawer now holds larger items. It’s soooo nice to have it all where I can see it.

By the way, NO the rest of the room still looks the same. There’s only so much organizing that can be done at one time. Give me a few years.

Many thanks and appreciation to Barb Werness for this great article!!!

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