Sunday, May 27, 2007

University of MN Arboretun

What a fabulous day to visit the University of Minnesota Landscape Arboretum!!! The peonys were in full bloom.

The bees were enjoying the flowers too. There is a bee on the flower in the lower left of the photo.

This one is named Scarlet O'hara. It's got an almost fluorescent color to it.

It's also the time for the Lady Slipper orchids to be in bloom. The yellow varieties are peaking and the pink aren't in bloom yet.

There were orchids everywhere in the wild flower gardens, along with wild geranium, trillium, Virginia waterleaf and many more. They have name tags on a great many plants making identification very easy.

How about a Celandine poppy?

The pools are stocked with good size koi that will come up to you and see if there is anything interesting going on ... (if you brought food with you....)

The iris were just starting to come into full bloom. Another week or two and the scene would be complete.

Here's the center of the formal gardens. Much more was blooming than shows up in the photo today.

A trip to the Arboretum wouldn't be complete without a trip around the three mile drive that has acres and acres of collections. One of the collectons are the azeleas that stretch almost as far as the eye can see. Their fragrance filled the air too!

Any "plant person" would really enjoy a trip to the Arboretum. There's plenty to see!

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